Terms + Conditions


We pride ourselves on the standard and condition of Little River Cottage and its amenities. The Cottage has been fully renovated by the owners inside and out including much of the furniture.


Through booking the Cottage, it is expected you will treat the Cottage and its facilities with care and consideration for the benefit of future guests and in respect to the owners. To maintain the standards of the Cottage and to ensure your safety whilst onsite, you are required to follow the House & Property Rules.

Failure to comply with these rules may result in your Security Bond being withheld, or in extreme cases, requested to vacate the property at the owners

Breakages & / or Damages: We do try to repair, however broken or damaged items will be deducted from Security Deposit at replacement of item value. Please notify of any damages upon checkout

Footwear: Save our floors - no shoes permitted inside other than slippers / indoor shoes

Food & Beverages: No food and / or beverages permitted in bedrooms with the exception of water

Smoking: No smoking inside. Dispose of cigarette butts in ashtray provided outdoors

Littering: No littering on premises - rubbish and recycling bins are provided at the Cottage Shed

Cottage Items: We provide as many items as we can for you to enjoy your stay free of charge, in return please look after them, and put them back where they came from after use

No pets: For pet safety, we are not able to accommodate pets on premises as the Cottage area is not fenced,

Water: Drinking water is provided in the laundry. Water for showering is sourced from the Murray River. Please be considerate of water restrictions & keep showers to 10mins

Sanitary Items: All sanitary items to be placed in bin provided in bathroom. Do not flush sanitary items in toilet

Property: No entry to avocado orchard or private residence East of Cottage - seek owner permission

Keys & Security: Cottage lock-up and keys are provided in the guest check in key box. You will be provided with code upon confirmation for check in. Keys are guests responsibility throughout the duration of stay. Upon checkout and after inspection, the security bond will be returned via EFT.

Behaviour: Inappropriate behaviour will not be tolerated - the owners reserve the right to instruct guests vacate the property should behaviour or actions be deemed as inappropriate or unsafe in any way

Visitors: All visitors must be previously advised of prior to their arrival to owners

Speed Limit: Max 20km/h while on property. Vehicles not to drive through avocado orchard

Health & Safety: Should any incidents arise concerning health and safety, or where accident or injury has been sustained, contact the owner & in an emergency, dial 000. First Aid Kit is under kitchen sink. Fire extinguisher in laundry on bench

Firepit & Chiminea: If you would like to use the firepit or chiminea check on total fire ban notices first either through calling the CFA: 03 5036 2800 (8.30am - 5pm Mon- Fri) or via CFA website www.cfa.vic.gov.au or FB page.

Due care should be taken whilst the firepit is being utilised including:

  • Never leave the fire unattended. Appropriate footwear should be worn around the fire pit area

  • Keep the fire at a manageable size and take note of wind conditions. Do not light the fire under windy conditions

  • No hazardous materials, including plastic, glass, fuels, repellents or aerosols to be thrown into the fire

  • Reverse cycle air-conditioning / heating: When using the indoor air-con, please keep all window and doors shut and turn off if leaving the premises

Check Out: Please allow time before you leave to give the Cottage a basic clean as outlined below. We thoroughly clean after each guest however your help allows us to open the Cottage sooner for the next guest to enjoy for longer

Upon check-out, Cottage to be left in condition as found including:

  • Rubbish and recycling to be emptied into red lidded bin for rubbish and yellow lidded bin for recycling

  • Empty compost bin in compost behind shed

  • Vacuum all floors inside Cottage

  • Wash and put away dishes

  • Leave linens on beds

  • Place used towels in laundry basket

  • Clean kitchen surfaces and wipe up any spills to prevent stains


 Thank you for your cooperation, we look forward to welcoming you soon!